This series of paintings is based on finding queerness in narratives from cartoons I watched as a young person growing up in rural Ohio. Movies like, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964), Watership Down (1978), and The White Seal (1975), The Last Unicorn (1982) all depicted ‘otherness’ in their central characters. This otherness is initially shunned or fetishized, leaving the central characters isolated from community and safety. In each story, this otherness is also the very thing that saves, not only the individual, but the original community that cast them out. Although these characters are seemingly 'straight', they are coded as queer characters. Due to the lack of more clear and accurate representations in popular animated media, these characters stand in and became the characters that I most closely identified with. This project uses backdrops and elements from these cartoons to consider the undercurrent of quiet isolation and violence they depict. These stories may provided some comfort in representation, while also telling us what is expected of otherness. It is also pertinent to ask and take note of who has written these stores and how lived experiences and bias informs these popular stories and has contributed to our collective understanding of otherness and self.