Crying (All) Over You

Ice, Flowers, Ice Saw, Projectile Tear Gas Mask, Candles, Water, LED Lights, Pink Tarp

An exercise in collective grief and loss. Questioning how we mourn when the loss is erased, the monument itself a melting object.

An emotional stalemate, a loop of feeling that counters the typical notion that sorrow and anger should be a temporary state. Circular tears will flow, like a disco ball spins. Guests are invited to bring an image or flower to leave at the ice altar.

Participants are asked “What are you never getting over?”

As each image or conversation is exchanged / concluded, flowers are sawn against the ice as ‘tears’ from the gas-mask’s shower heads pour over the flowers and ice, catching in the basin below. Lastly, a flower is placed in an ice cylinder.

Checked Out

Performance August 18, 2017 - 9pm

ICOSA Collective Gallery, Austin, TX

*Photographs by Erica Robert Pallo