Saw Project is a site responsive performance that currently has three versions. 

Meg / Sydeny / Alec, Flansburg Architects, (2017)
moves the project setting from an art gallery, to a Boston Architecture Firm.

Meg / Sydney / Alec, (2016) is a reference to the actors who starred in, “Prelude To A Kiss,” the 1992 film involving the romantic female lead, (Meg Ryan) switching bodies with an elderly man, (Sydney Walker) on her wedding day. Much like these charachers, the art objects swap bodies throughout the three month show. Various histories of 'boys club' are trampled. The well known forms of Donald Judd are toppled and used as a casket to hold paint.  A history of male magicians sawing women in half is replaced with queer folk sawing bricks of paint.  Performances were part of BRINK v2: Space and Intimacy, curated by John Pyper. January 15 -March 26, 2016. Boston Center For Arts, Boston, MA. Catalogue available here

Saw Sculpture, (2012) is a collaboration with moving image and performance artist Bug Davidson. This interpretation of the project can also be viewed here
Saw Sculpture uses the form of the magicians trick of sawing a woman in half to explore how bodies and labor have been, and are still, defined.